Mahayoga (Siddhayoga)

In the quest of the everlasting, the fountain of the spiritual Mother Energy has always been a source of investigation. Such a search has been carried out through an innumerable ages in India. India has been a sure asset for tapping such an energy and has always been a master guide to satisfy such a quench. Among the stalwarts the crown jewel of saints Shree Jnaneshwar Maharaj has already been a pathmaker for a man in the street hankering and really thirsty and full of inquisitiveness for such knowledge. He has explored it through Jnaneshwari in which every stanza is drenched with nectar of everemerging Mothers Grace.

Kundalini Shaktipata Yoga’ will have to be regarded as the simplest, cheapest, topmost, the world has since ever seen. Various means and methods have been glorified and they possess their own specificity.

This information comprises in a nutshell, the cardinal essentials which would encompass the practices as well as the amazing experiences which bear truth as gathered from the varied masses, those would ensure its effectiveness leading slowly toward entire satisfaction and attaining of real worth of life structure.

Even a clear observational glance through the signs of awakened Kundalini” especially by this marvelous method of ‘Shaktipata’ would capture the hearts of the eagerly searching souls in the real quest of living eternal happiness.

Words have their limits and would surrender to the eternal unfathomable depth and would cease and merge in themselves.

Oh! My dear friends! ‘Shaktipata’ method in these mundane transitory evermarching worldly affairs, positively and spontaneously too, move your hearts and would try to bring on a natural automatic overflowing nectarous stream with an everlasting peace of mind.

The amazing wonderful part of this Shaktipata sadhana is that the things would happen due to a powerful (perhaps unchallengable) force, automatically driven by a divine power due to which the world exists and moves without any purposeful effort.

The readers are therefore requested to throw off themselves in the everlasting potential of the Mother Energy by relaxing their body elements to the highest relaxcity and the par excellence surrender of thoughts to experience the inner core of solemnity.

Entry towards the ‘Shaktipata’ doctrine, by accepting Deeksha (initiation), would be the only course to achieve the ever melodious and evercharming blissful grace.

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(N. Y. Dhekane)

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