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Shri Narayan Kuti Sanyas Ashram is a Shaktipat Parampara Ashram established by His Holiness Swami Vishnu Tirthji Maharaj in 1951. Though this place was preoccupied and ashram of Swami Narayanand Sarswatiji Maharaj. When Pujaya swami Narayanand Sarswatiji left his mortal body for heavenly abode our Paramguru swami Vishnu Tirthji Maharaj on request of their disciples decided to adopt this place to develop as a seat of Shaktipat Parampara. He decided to continue the name Shri Narayan Kuti to memorize Brahmleen Swami Narayanand Saraswati and to the Adiguru of Shaktipat Parampara Param Pujya Swami Narayan Tirth Dev with the addition of two words Sanyas and Ashram to it and thus a new name came into existence and use.

Ashram is situated on the Foot of Hill of Maa Chamunda and Maa Tuljabhavani, at Mata Tekari Road, Dewas, a District of Madhya Pradesh State and well connected to other states and cities of India by all means of transport-rail, road and air. It is on the Agra Bombay Road about 36 Km from Indore (a commercial capital of M.P.) and Ujjain (a pilgrimage place Mahakal Jyotirling and seat of education of Lord Krishna and Sudama on the bank of Holy River Kshipra also known for Kumbha Mela) and about 150 Km from Bhopal (The Administrative Capital Of M.P). Nearest Airport is Indore.

Initially, Narayan Kuti was a two-roomed structure. Swami Vishnu Tirthji Mharaj started developing infrastructure looking to the need of disciples visiting ashram from throughout India to get knowledge and initiation of Shaktipat and for Sadhana with Maharajshree. Additional rooms and a kitchen along with an open well for drinking water were constructed. An underground two fold meditation cave was constructed for meditation. This cave is highly energized with Divine Power as compared to other Sadhan Guhas of our lineage in the country because of the reason that our Paramguru Swami Vishnutithji Maharaj had involved in meditation constantly and continuously in it hence it is fully charged with spiritual dynamic power of consciousness, one can realize or feel it on entering into the cave. It is also blessed with the cosmic rays from the Mata Dway and invisible meditating Spiritual Masters in the atmosphere of Chamunda Hill. One invisible Mahatma is still in Samadhi inside the cave. It is a well-known fact that many of the Smadhistha Spiritual Masters of the world visited this cave for conversation with Param Pujaya Swami Vishnu Tirthji Maharaj in his Samadhi. One of them is Mahatma Agashe.

In 1954, The Vidyeshwar Mahadev Mandir was constructed on advice of Swami Shankar Purushotam Tirthji Maharaj.
In 1960, looking to the number of aspirant disciples it became essential to increase the facilities. New guest rooms and a Satsang hall was constructed. Daily Satsang with the disciples was a part of routine life of Paramgurudev where he imparted spiritual knowledge and cleared the doubts about sadhana.
In 1965, Paramgurudev set up a new ashram at the bank of Holy River Ganga in the Rishikesh (Uttarakhand) with the name Yog Shri Peeth Ashram
In 1965 a New Kutia in Dewas Ashram was constructed for the Paramgurudev by the disciples where he lived up to the last. It is now set as Swami Vishnu Tirth Smrati Mandir in his memory. He left this mortal body on 2-10-1969 and got united with the Infinity.

After passing away of Paramgurudev, Satguru His Holiness Swami Shivom Tirthji Maharaj to whom Guru Maharaj has already declared his successor during his lifetime in the year 1965 started looking after the ashram work as desired and ordered by Guru Maharaj. Expansion in the living area, five rooms for disciples, a comfortable suit for brahmchari over the old cave, Satguru Nivas on demand of disciples (which is now preserved as such in his memory), a huge New Satsang hall to meet the demand of ever increasing number of disciples for sadhan (Meditation), Satguru Paduka Mandir (1989), Swami Vishnu Tirth Gyan Gurukul School with 5 rooms (1976), Swami Vishnu Tirth Mangal Bhavan with a big hall, a large kitchen, 9 well furnished rooms and an open space of about 1200 sq ft for organizing functions (1991) are some of the main infrastructures added by him to the already existed facilities. He established a chain of Shaktipat Ashrams in India and abroad. But his main work for which he was born and blessed by Swami Vishnu Tirthji Maharaj and other Adigurus was to spread the cosmic rays of Shaktipat and Kundali jagran in the world and to bring the literature of Shaktipat among the aspirants and so he left the ashram for loneliness (Akantvas).

Further development were kept continue by his follower saints, to whom he handed over the seat, Swami Parmanand Tirthji and Swami Gopal Tirthji contributed in the development of a huge cave and Dakshina Murti Mandir, a dormitory above the kitchen, establishment of Ram Darbar in Vanvasi dress, and Murti of Maa Mahishasurmardini in Shri Vidyeveshwar Mahadev temple area and two units of eleven let-baths facilities.

Presently Swami Sureshanand Tirth is on the seat and working on line of predecessors. Establishment of Satguru Dev Murti near Paduka Mandir, renovation work in Vidyeshwar Mahadev Mandir. In Mangal Bhavan, guest rooms and construction two new school classrooms and a big community hall over Mangal Bhavan are constructed.

In addition to above large building named Swami Narayan Tirth Smriti Bhavan, comprising trustees and computer room, T.V. showroom, Library and comfortable book selling room are constructed at the entrance of ashram.

Besides this, establishment of Satgurumurti near paduka mandir (2010), statues of adiguru Narayan Tirthdev and Yoganandji (2013), renovation of old cave (2016) and shifting and reconstruction of five temples (2018). Complete renovation of Shri Vidyeshwar Mahadev temple parisar is in final stage. Now, the work is over (2020).

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