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Center for Shaktipat

Shri Narayan Kuti Sanyas Ashram, Dewas

Established by His Holiness Swami Vishnu Tirthji Maharaj in 1951. Shri Narayan Kuti Sanyas Ashram is a Shaktipat Parampara Ashram Though this place was preoccupied and ashram of Swami Narayanand Sarswatiji Maharaj. When Pujaya swami Narayanand Sarswatiji left his mortal body for heavenly abode our Paramguru swami Vishnu Tirthji Maharaj on request of their disciples decided to adopt this place to develop as a seat of Shaktipat Parampara. He decided to continue the name Shri Narayan Kuti to memorise Brahmleen Swami Narayanand Saraswati and to the Adiguru of Shaktipat Parampara Param Pujya Swami Narayan Tirth Dev with the addition of two words Sanyas and Ashram to it and thus a new name came into existence and use.

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Ashram is situated on the Foot of Hill of Maa Chamunda and Maa Tuljabhavani, at Mata Tekari Road, Dewas.
A District of Madhya Pradesh State and well connected to other states and cities of India. Nearest Airport is Indore.

Tirtha Lineage of Siddha Yoga

The passing of a Guru’s spiritual mantle to a disciple designated to carry on the lineage to which that Guru belongs is termed Guru Parampara.

Guru Parampara

The Spiritual Lineage

The merger of the individual soul with the Supreme Soul does not take place unless the accumulated sins and virtues from past births enveloping the individual soul get destroyed. This method of cleansing is known as Sadhana. After the sadhak takes up the Deeksha of Siddha Mahayoga, he remains in Sakshi Bhaava i.e. witnessing events without attachment while continuing his spiritual practices. Because of this methodology, the sadhak does not accumulate karmas, his sins and virtues diminish, and liberation is attained.

Kundalini Maha Yoga (Shaktipat)

Kundalini Maha Yoga (Shaktipat) is a self-proven and self-perfecting spiritual practice. This means that the kundalini power causes an initiate to perform kryas through the power of kundalini itself. Therefore, its other name is Siddha-yoga, or “the self-proven path of meditation.” It may be relevant to mention that in every aspect, in body, in mind and in intellect, Shakti itself performs the meditation. An initiate must not make any effort at all; one’s duty is only to surrender. The time and characteristics of the manifestation of Shakti are solely the work of the divine power (Shakti) itself. To practice this type of meditation means that one must simply allow the divine power the opportunity to perform the meditation by itself.

Swami Shivom Tirth

Swami Shivom Tirth

Of course, Kundalini Maha Yoga (Shaktipat) is different from other paths of meditation, because on other paths you are responsible for performing certain tasks or mastering certain techniques. In other methods of meditation, you may be responsible for performing meditation yourself or you may have to acquire a great deal of knowledge concerning spiritual matters. You may have to perform worship ceremonies, You may have practice different asanas (yogic postures) or you may have to do all these things. You just have to sit with a total sense of surrender. Then, according to the nature and state of the spiritual consciousness of an initiate, the different meditative experiences of an emotional, intellectual or creative nature occur by themselves.

The Tradition of Siddha Guru

The word Shaktipat basically means “descent of grace” or “descent of spiritual energy”, however, the word is in the tantric tradition reserved to the special kind of grace that only fully enlightened Siddhas in a Shaktipat tradition can give.

Param Gurudev and heartly Satgurudev


The Shaktipat system of Yoga is quite old, it has existed secretly like an undercurrent in Hindu society and has been known to a few spiritual aspirants in different places from time immemorial.

The Ancient Unique Meditation Technique of India

There is one of the most unique technique of meditation. Documentation is there in the Ramayana, and Bhagavat Gita, that Shaktipat was in vogue.

Many questions arise ! What is Shaktipat ? How does it differ from other types of meditation? The answer is very simple, to practice it is very difficult. All spiritual practices irrespective of any religion aim at only one thing–Self Realization. God Realization. In other words, it means to recognize one’s soul or life factor as a separate entity when one is alive. This is easily achieved by Shaktipat initiation. Only you have to come across an adept like Swami Shivom Tirth.

Swami Shri Shivomtrith Ji Maharaj

The Lineage of Swami Shivom Tirth

Shaktipat teaches you to see things as they are and learn to live in reality. The objective is to purify the mind, to eliminate the tensions and negatives of life that make us miserable. To develop a positive approach and succeed in life,. without “I” ness is the outcome of this effortless meditation.

Inside every human being, there is a great and divine energy called Kundalini. This energy has created quite freely, the whole universe. It penetrates the universe, and it also penetrates the human body and makes it work. This energy has two aspects. Its appearance is awake and works perfectly; it is he who allows us to carry out all our worldly activities. However, the inner, spiritual aspect of this energy is dormant. When he is awakened by the Guru’s grace, a spontaneous process begins internally. Then the awakened energy moves through our system, burning all the impurities that were in the body. By the meditation that occurs after the awakening of the Kundalini, one can easily come to see the Self inside the heart.


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