Yoga Vashistha Saar

By Sri Devendra Vigyani

INTRODUCTION: Author Yoga Vashistha Saar (essence) is written by Sri Devendra Vigyani and is Based on “Yoga “Vashistha” also known as “Maharamayan and “Vashistha Yoga Darshan”. The author Sri Devendra Vigyani (visit lineage section of Ashram’s Web site) is disciple of late Sri Yogendra Vigyani (Sri Guru Yoga Nand Maharaj of Rishikesh). He is 85 years of age and has devoted his entire life in the pursuit of the ultimate goal of human life, realization of Moksha (Salvation) and achievement of highest level of existence and absolute bliss. As one of his several pursuits he studied “Yoga Vashistha”, repeatedly for many years, grasped its deep but authentic meanings and absorbed it by experiencing, living and feeling it. “Vashstha Darshan” originally written by Maharishi Vyas is unquestionably the most precious treasure of philosophy and spirituality available to man. It is originally written in Sanskrit and is quite deep in substance. To benefit fellow aspirants from his experience and experiments with “Vashistha Darshan”, Sri Vigyani summarized it as “Yoga Vashistha Saar” in Hindi language. We wished to extend its great benefits to non-Hindi speaking aspirants as well and decided to translate it. As you would understand translation of this subject matter from a Sanskrit based literary book is an arduous task. In the interest of time we have refrained from ensuring the perfection of translation. Future editions will address this issue. This is for individual’s personal upliftment and any other use of this material without the expressed consent of the author is prohibited. Yoga Vashistha Saar “Yasmin Sarvam Yatah Sarvam Yah Sarvam Sarvatasch yah Yasch Sarvmayo Nityam Tasmaye Sarvatmne Namah” * The Holy Scripture “Yoga Vashistha” is compilation of sermons and words of wisdom delivered by Gurudev Maharishi Vashistha to Sri Bhgwan Ramachandra at the age of 15 years in the court of his father king Dushratha. It consists of six segments.

The first segment “Vairagya Prakaran” (section on renunciation) has 1145/1500* verses repeated reading and pondering of which causes detachment from worldly dreads and compulsions even in a very Materialistic and passionful person akin to birth and growth of trees even in desert lands Upon relentless watering.. The second “Mumukshu Vyavahar Prakaran” (segment on qualities Of a salvation seeker) describes, with vivid examples and logic, the behavior, characteristics and actions of human beings who truly deserve and are near their ultimate human goal of self Realization. This has 806/1000 verses. The third “Utpatti Prakaran” (segment on this illusionary Creation) which has 5404/6000 verses, explains the science behind egoistic self and other seer-seen (the one who sees and the object of visualization) dualities and concludes that this visible and true appearing world one sees is nothing but an expansion of ego and an illusion created by the will of our own Chitta (egoistic conscience) which dissolves quickly and merges into all pervading supreme absolute consciousness (Parmatma) as soon as knowledge of true self is received.. The fourth segment “Sthiti Prakaran” (segment on existence absolute) consisting of 2404/3000 verses narrates through lectures and discussions the fact that in reality there never was or is in any shape, sense or form anything of any sort other than the one and the only absolute eternal consciousness. The same and the only absolute universal consciousness (Parbrahma Parmatma) , by its own nature accepts and adopts self-determined transformations between the observer and the observed and pervades and constitutes the entire universe. The fifth “Upshanti Prakaran” (segment on the real peace with dreadful world) has 4266/5000 verses. This segment is very pious in which the remedy and cure for the dreadful woes of the world is provided by revealing its cause to be the total lack of knowledge and illusion of belief in an existence separate from the none other than the absolute eternal consciousness. Constant deliberations of this segment eliminate the worldly miseries to less than 1% like an erased picture.

The sixth segment “Nirvana” (salvation) has two sub segments- “Nirvana Prakarana I” and “Nirvana Prakaran I” Combined it has 14275/14500 verses. A person who has truly learnt this segment is freed from illusion, falsity, suspicions, confusion, misbelieve and is restored in enlightenment and absolute existence itself. A person who has truly learnt knows how Parmatma existing in a body is free from its confines and untouched by its miseries, is worldly yet beyond it and creates, sustains, eliminates and visualizes in each atom of the space hundreds of universes by its mere will. VALUE & IMPORTANCE OF “VASHISTHA DARSHAN” This Holy Scripture states in it at several places that its patient study, deliberation absorption and Acceptance of its contents genuinely results in extremely rewarding and blissful results even for those who may have started to pursue it initially with reluctance. Its effect is like that of a lit lamp illumination from which is bound to benefit even an unwilling sleeping person not particularly desirous of any light. “Vashistha Darshan” is not merely a religious book but its effects are as sure and forceful as Godly blessings or condemnations. One who learns it from another person who has grasped it or by constant and tireless studies is transformed into a personality who knows no fear, possesses strength of a rock against worldly woes, tranquility of a deep ocean, delightfulness and serenity of moonlight and enlightenment and radiance of sun. One who is scholar and experienced in this book rids him of dreads of this world and achieves eternal peace, tranquility, and bliss resides in the eternal supreme existence.

The philosophy of “Vashistha Darshan” does not insist on its own propagation but states that an aspirant must study and follow a spiritual and well-established enlightening material and literature. Its thorough study will render any other related literature easily comprehensible, lucid and rewarding like salt makes various foods delicious, digestible and nourishing. This Shastra “Vashistha Darshan” is bound to bestow material as well as supernatural gifts and influences like longer lives fame and higher levels of experiences upon those who follow it. Therefore, wise people are strongly advised and encouraged to listen to it as spoken by experts and well experienced in it. POWER OF “VASHISTHA DARSHAN” Which Shastra is most important in leading to the ultimate goal of self-realization after which man has no sorrow any more ? Among all scriptures and spiritual writings devoted to the science of self-realization and eternal bliss this “MahaRamayan” (Vashistha Darshan) is supreme. Assimilation of this historical treasure leads to salvation and, therefore, it is referred to as the essence of the history of entire spirituality and Vedic knowledge. Just listening to its contents can produce experience of Divinity and salvation. Relatively speaking, this Shastra is more pious.

Everyone has an experience of first being frightened by a bad dream in one’s sleep, then realization that it was only a dream and subsequent relief from that fright. Similarly, “Vashistha Darshan enables you to understand, while still living and functioning in this world, that this entire world actually is fictitious and untrue like a dream and then having realized and experienced this, though the world still exists around you as before, its true nature is revealed and its attraction, glitter and traps are not enslaving anymore. All information, revelation and examples needed for self-realization contained in “Vashistha Darshan” may be found in other related books and literature but if it is not present in “Vashistha Darshan” it does not exist at all. Therefore, wise men and scholarly spiritual great intellectuals regard this as an ultimate forever treasure and source to derive divinity and eternal bliss from. Who so ever studies and listens to this “Maha Ramayan” (Yoga Vashistha) is magically transformed to achieve sharpened, refined and most superior intellect, which enables him to grasp deep concepts, secrets and complexities of other philosophical writings and literature. If due to some evil Karmas (destiny) one is unable to take interest in this, Yoga Vashistha recommends that such a person should study and follow whatever book on this topic appeals to him. “Yoga Vashistha” acts like an accurate medicine which effectively delivers curative effects and results very promptly.