Swami Govindanand Tirth

Swami Govindanand Tirth Ji MaharajSwami Govindanand Tirtha Ji Maharaj (born October 29, 1923) is a proven Guru of Shaktipat tradition. Swamiji is the great guru and author of Swami Shivam Teerth Ji Maharaj and the Yog Shree Peeth Ashram is the director of Rishikesh. Swamiji, who has remained Principal in the past, has changed his life by presenting nearly eight hundred people in Shaktipat tradition.


On October 29, 1943 (the day of Karve Chauth according to the Hindi calendar), the moon landed on Monday. There is a village in the Murray district of Madhya Pradesh – Kasmada. The village belongs to the Kasmada Amba Tahsil. There was a Brahmin family in this village, whose leader was Mr Mata Prasad Mishra. On October 29, Mother Prasad’s wife gave birth to a son, Ratna. At birth, there was a superhuman brightness on the child’s face. Name of the child Lord Krishna was named after Lord Krishna.

When Krishna grew up, amazing things started to happen with him. When Krishna B. a. Even though such an incident happened once in a similar incident, even then It was night time. Krishna was in bed on the ground. The winter was running and the weather was very cold. The Krishna quilt was sleeping, the electricity did not happen in those days. So the room was completely dark. Only then did a snake enter his quilt. Snake climbed on his feet and climbed his stomach and went on his neck. But the speed of his face could not bear it fast. She started moving towards the back of her neck while on the other side of her neck. During this time, child Krishna’s sleep broke. He thought what was going on in his body. He picked it up and took it in his hand. When he saw that it was a snake, he lifted the snake and threw it out of the window.


Balkrishna was a mega student, he received his early education from Ambah. But in those days there was no high school in Ambah. He had to come to Gwalior to study high school. He passed the High School examination from Gwalior in 1944. After high school, after that his parents had a desire that he should get a job. His cousin was a professor of Sanskrit, once he came to Ambba, then he took Krishna along with him to Ahmedabad. Krishna Govinda reluctantly moved to work there. But luck was something else. In Ahmedabad, he spent only one night. That night became a memorable night for his life. The beds that were given to them for sleeping were full of soreness. The whole night sleet bite them. Now it can be said of God that the poisonous creature like snake could not even bear his fast, how did the slightest malignancy kill him? As soon as he passed that night, he went back to the house as soon as he got up in the morning. He abandoned the idea of ​​a job. By traveling from Ahmedabad to Agra, they reached home after being Agra. After that he thought of achieving higher education.

After coming home, Krishna was married His wife Smt. Revati Devi was the form of Lakshmi and Saraswati. He encouraged Krishna for higher education. Krishna came to Gwalior for further studies. By staying in Gwalior, he completed MA (postgraduate) studies in Hindi. After that B.Ed. Done Higher education required money for studies. But they did not have enough money to complete the studies. His wife sold her jewelry without informing him so that she could complete her studies.

School management

After completing his studies, he returned home in 1951. In those days, the condition of education in Ambah was very bad. There was no school there Krishna took the lead in starting school there. He established a high school there. In 1952, the first batch of this school passed the high school examination. Krishna was very meghavati in studies, he also had good management skills. All the students of the first batch of their school passed the good numbers.

Mr. Ramniwas Sharma was the manager of this school. Krishna’s relationship with Sharma was very good. But destined to write something else. The elections to the Legislative Assembly were to be held in 1957. Ramnivas Sharma also had a ticket for the election. But the views of Krishna and Ramnivas were different in terms of politics. That is why Krishna supported Shukla in favor of Ramnivas. Krishna Shukla also participated in campaigning. Ramnivas did not like this thing. He gave a ‘show cause’ notice to Krishna as the manager of the school. Krishna said that voting and supporting someone is a personal matter. And as the school manager, Ramniwas has no right to ask this. Due to these differences, Krishna resigned from the school in 1958.

But that’s good. This incident made his education campaign even faster. He opened more schools and started working to educate more and more children, he opened two new schools in Dharampur of District Murraya. After this, two new schools were opened in district Bhind. The number of their schools was increasing. Master in the management, Krishna’s school was being promoted steadily. Children of their school go ahead and enroll in a large school. He also opened a school in Pandali.

Ten years passed like this. The schools of Krishna were constantly being promoted. The result of the school was always good. Ramnivas had been watching his progress for a long time. One day Ramniwas called them to meet him. When Krishna went to meet him, Ramnivas offered him the headmaster of his school. Krishna was meant only by education of children. The management of that school was not good at those days. Children were not given good education too. So they accepted the proposal. But they bet they will not apply. If he will be appointed as the headmaster with the approval, he will accept this post. Ram Niwas and other members of the school trust accepted this. In this way Krishna became the principal.

Spirituality Path

One day Krishna was sitting at the clothes shop in the market. Only then did the master Madhav Singh appear along with him fast. They asked what is the matter? Where are you running so fast? Madhav Singh said that his master Swami Shree Shivom Teerth Ji Maharaj has come. They were going to meet him. Krishna said that we should also join them. Ram Nivas took them with you too. Both came to Guruji. Krishna knew that Swamiji is a very proven Guru of Shakti Patar. Krishna reached a corner in front of Swamiji. Swamiji was reading something sitting on a couch. People came there, touched Swamiji’s feet and sat down. Swamiji talked a bit and then went away.

Krishna sat there for a long time. When everything went away, Swamiji began to read again. After much time passed, Swamiji saw Krishna sitting there. They asked why you are sitting here. Krishna said that I too should “please your grace”. Swamiji Swamiji looked after Krishna for a while. Then said that talk to Madhav Singh. It seems normal to see the incident but nobody knew what was hidden in the womb of this incident. From this general incident, the life of many people has changed. Krishna went to Madhav Singh and said that Swamiji has asked to talk to you. Madhav Singh understood that Swamiji has asked for initiation. Madhav Singh made all arrangements. In this way, in 1973, it was initiated into the Shaktiipat tradition of Krishna. After that, for 15 years, Krishna kept on running his own school and together with the manner taught by Swamiji, he also kept doing the tools.

In 1986, at the age of 63, Krishna served retirement. His guru Swami Shivam Teerth Ji Maharaj used to reside in Yog Shree Peeth Ashram in the holy land of Rishikesh. Krishna came to meet Rishikesh Swamiji told him that you are a skilled manager. I am going to Dewas for some time, so take care of the work of the ashram. Krishna followed the order of Swamiji and started observing the arrangement of the ashram. After a short time Krishna started to remember the house. He started waiting for Swamiji to come home so that he could go home with orders. But Swamiji did not come for two years.

After two years, when Swamiji came back in 1988, he ordered Krishna to abandon the wishes of the house and take retirement. The command of the guru for Krishna was paramount. He immediately renounced his desire to go home and retired. On June 13, 1988, on the winding occasion of Ganga Dussehra, Krishna’s retirement process was completed. This day was a great change day. According to the Hindu tradition, after the retirement the name changes. So, Krishna’s name changed to become Swami Govindanand Tirtha Maharaj. For Swami Govindanand Tirtha Maharaj, this was not the only change in name. His thinking, activity, everything changed. Now they spend most of their time in time to handle and maintain the ashram. Swamiji Shivam Teerth Ji Maharaj gave him the power to give him mantra initiation at the time of his retirement.

In 1992, he got permission to give Shaktipat Diksha to Maharaj Ji (Swami Shree Shivom Teerth Ji Maharaj). Since then, Swamiji is sitting in Yog Shree Peeth Ashram at Rishikesh. Swamiji has changed his life by initiating many disciples into Shaktipatya.

Virendra Upadhyay has written a book – “Shri Govindamrit Bhajan Bhagirathi”. This book is dedicated to Swamiji. The author of the book says that he has completed this book with the blessings of Swamiji.

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