Swami Narayan Tirth

Swami Narayan Dev TirthSwami Narayan Tirth Dev Maharaj was born on during Kali Puja at midnight on 6th November, 1915. He was born in the village of Varajuri, Near Dhanbad, Bihar , and named as Kalipada Acharya. He first embarked upon His path of renunciation in 1939 (at the beginning of World War II). Leaving his home, he headed directly to Puri where he met Swami Shankar Purushottam Tirtha. After spending five or six days there, they both came to Varanasi. Kalipada took diksha from Swamiji, and the name Sri Vasudev Prakash Brahmachary. In 1950 he was initiated into sanyas. Later, Swami Narayan Tirtha was left in charge of the Siddhayogashram and Shankar Math by His guru, Swami Shankar Purushottam Tirtha.

Sri Swami Narayan Tirtha traveled widely on pilgrimage covering almost all the reputed religious places & temples. He was a greatly respected religious leader throughout Benares, Uttakashi, and elsewhere in India. Besides religious deliberations he carried out various social/educational duties to redress the distress of suffering humanity.

One of the many rare qualities found in Guruji was that he was quite accessible. His door was open to all who required his darshan. Further, through the power of his silence only, he made great things be accomplished through his shishyas efforts – events that no ordinary person could achieve on their own.

Swamiji is the Sanyas Guru of Swami Shivom Tirth.
Swamiji was also lovingly called Baba by many of his shishyas. In 1988 Baba gave His blessings to his American disciple, Swami Sada Shiva Tirtha to open an ashram in his name in USA named, Swami Narayan Tirtha Math, located in Bayville, Long Island, New York.

In last decade of his life, Baba loved to spend most of the year in Shankar Math, Uttarkashi, leaving his disciple, Swami Atmananda Tirthaji to run Siddhayogashram.

On 2nd March, 2001 Shri Shri Shrimat 1008 Guru Dev, Swami Narayan Tirtha Maharaj, took Mahasamadhi at His Siddhayogashram in Varanasi. He left Swami Atmanandaji to run the two ashrams in India.

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