Shakti – The Divine Power by The Grace of God

Kundalini – Shakti

Kundalini – Shakti

Kundalini-Shakti is present in all persons, but the individual is unaware of it’s presence in the dormant state. The Shakti is in fact never dormant or inactive because every thing we do is in fact done by the Shakti (Energy). It is said to be in the dormant state because when we do things we feel that we are doing by our own will and energy, thereby creating an ego of “Doership” in us. This feeling of doership is the cause of accumulating impressions on our Chitta (mind) which ultimately becomes the cause of our birth and rebirth in various species.

Dewas Tekri, Maa Chamunda Aur Tulja BhawaniIn the dormant state, the seat of the Divine Power (Kundalini) is in the Ganglion-lmpar in the presacral area of the spinal-column. After activation, it ascends upwards through the spinal cord (Sushumana) to its destination in the cerebrum (Sahasrar) traversing through the six plexuses (Chakras). When this happens SAMADHI occurs.

Shakti – The Divine Power

Shiva is approachable through the practice of yoga with the assistance of His Shakti, the Goddess Mother, manifesting Hereself in the human body in the form of psychic force. In the treatises of Hatha yoga this power is commonly known as Kundalini Shakti which has been translated as Serpent Power.
This Shakti is that Universal aspect of the Almighty God which shines as life in the whole animate world and works the mind, body and intellect. This power is the force of creation generating, developing and evolving the animate world, but ordinarily its function is according to the lifeless laws of nature and is therefore said to be asleep. In a human body this power can be awakened in the form of psychic force. In Hinduism Shakti Upasana or the worship of this power forms an important branch of tantric and yogic science. In this form the Lord is regarded as Mother who destroys all obstacles and evils in the path of spiritual evolution of soul and leads up the devotee to the goal of God realization in other words it is with Her assistance that a soul attains perfection through its union with the Universal spirit-Shiva.

Shiva Shakti

She is painted as riding on a lion as a symbol of strength, courage, magnanimity and majesty. The picture also denotes the fact that when the Kundalini is aroused in a person, She rides the lion of yoga which roars like a hungry lion in the body and begins to devour the weakness (flesh) of the yogi. The Shakti with Her numerous kinds of weapons begins to wage war on the animal passions which form the strong army of satan and always hinder spiritual advancement, killing them one by one, till every one of them, has been to the last overpowered and killed.

In certain parts of India goats and buffaloes are slaughtered for appeasing the Goddess, but unfortunately the followers of the sect not understanding the real meaning of scrifice, slaughter animals instead of sacrificing their own flesh in the fire of yoga and offering their animal passions and carnal desires to the Mighty loving Mother.
She is described in three forms according to the threefold nature of interia activity, and peace. When she comes in union with her Lord Shiva in samadhi. She gives birth to a super intellect called Ritambbara Prajna, the knowledge of the truth, also called pratbibba, i.e., spiritual Illumination, which dawns before the actual realization of God is achieved like the dawning light before the sun rises.

Methods of Kundalini Activation

It is said in Shiva-Sutra, that activation of Kundalini occurs by the Grace of God only. God bestows His Grace through the true spiritual master (Sat-Guru). Therefore, if one wants the Grace of God, one should seek a Sat-Guru. It is for this reason that tradition of Spiritual Masters (Guru-parampara) has been prevalent in India. In other parts of the world, saintly persons even though not called as Gurus, bestow the Grace of God on the people. In short therefore, Kundalini can only be activated by the Grace of the Sat-Guru.

Other methods have also been suggested, e.g., chanting of mantras, Pranayam, Hath-Yoga, Asans, etc. The problems with Hath-Yoga and Pranayam are that one requires an able Guru of that branch and needs to practice them for a long time, and even then one can never be sure that the Shakti will be activated.

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