Meditation for Shaktipat Initiation

Sadhan (Meditation)

Meditation for Initiates

Sadhan (Meditation)

After receiving Shaktipat-initiation, the initiate should do sadhan (meditation) every day. One should sit down on his woollen seat (Asana) in an area which has been designated for it. It should preferably be a small room, devoid of all furniture. The floor should be covered with a reasonably thick floor-covering. One should spread his asan on it and sit on the asan for his sadhana. The walls can be used to hang photo¬graphs of gurus of our parampara. No sharp objects or burning candles should be in the room at the time of sadhana. Fragrance-sticks and fresh flowers can be used to create a congenial (Satvik) environment.

The room should be kept clean. Non-initiates should not be allowed to enter the room during sadhana and the room should not be used for any other purpose. In this way the sadhana room gets charged with the emanated Spiritual energy of the initiate and provides an ideal environment for sadhana.

If one does not have the facility of a separate room, one should select a corner in his house which can be segregated for sadhana only. If there is an ashram in the neighborhood one could go there for sadhana. If other people in the house¬hold are initiated it becomes easier to do meditation sadhana).
One should not lean against the wall, and should start his sadhana with worship of ones Spiritual Master (Guru-Pooja). The ideal time for sadhana is before sun-rise or after sun-set. Preferably the sadhana should be done at a fixed time every day. This should be decided according to one’s convenience of working schedule.

One should wear light and loose clothing and remove all objects from his pocket, and body at the time of sadhana.

Asana (The Woollen Seat)

Every one should have his or her own asana and should not share it with anybody, nor should he/she use anybody’s Asana.
The sadhana should be started by chanting the Guru-mantra loudly without fear, shame or hesitation. One should sit in a comfortable posture, keep his body and mind relaxed and observe the various automatic movements (Kriyas) happening within him.
Once the Kriyas start, one should not keep on chanting the mantra, however, other mantras, known or unknown to him, may spontaneously appear within him.
These mantras are manifestations of Kriya and appear as a result of impressions of the mantras chanted in the past with the feeling of Doer-ship’. One should not try to stop these, since they are a manifestation of the Kriya.

Do’s and Don’ts During Sadhana

The most important instruction to a initiate is — NOT TO TRY TO DO ANYTHING BY HIS OWN EFFORT AND NOT TO STOP ANY AUTOMATIC MOVEMENT (KRIYA) whether Kriya is to his liking or not. In spite of repeated instructions by Guruji, it is frequently seen that most initiates make this mistake. It is stressed that one should not (i.e. mentally or physically) interfere with any form of Kriya. He should simply observe the Kriyas. The essence of Shaktipat Sadhana is that one should surrender completely to the Divine Power (Shakti) and allow it to manifest in the form of various automatic movements (Kriyas).

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