Duties of Disciples Towards One’s Guru

Duties of Disciples

Duties of Disciples

Disciple Duties

  1. The most important duty of a disciple is to do meditation (sadhana) or what is prescribed to him every day, so that he can achieve spiritual progress. This makes the Guru very nappy. If one could only realize that what he has received from the Guru is priceless and could not have been achieved by his own efforts, then one would try to develop it without fail. Unfortunately, most people do not appreciate it and are, therefore, unenthusiastic towards sadhana. Just take minimum one hour of your day and see how true it is. If one realizes this as being true, then one should resolve to do his sadhana everyday. Other instructions for sadhana have already been mentioned earlier in this booklet.
  2. A disciple should try to keep in touch with his Guru either through letters or by personal visit to his Guru. At least once a year, he should spend some time in close proximity of his Guru. This will help him to overcome hurdles that come in the way of his spiritual progress and he can also remove doubts that arise in his mind.
  3. The real Guru is the divine power that is activated in the disciple. The same power is in all disciples, therefore, one should not have feelings of hatred or jealousy towards them. Instead, one should try to develop a feeling of love for them and exchange experiences with them and try to help remove each other’s doubts. The Guru feels very delighted on seeing this type of behavior and his blessings are easily bestowed on them, which helps to boost their spiritual progress.
  4. Finally, how many people have given a thought as to how does one’s Spiritual Master (Guruji) meet his expenses of daily living, expenses of the ashrams, travel expenses and several other expenses. Guruji and his Sanyasi and brahmachari disciples have given up all their worldly possessions and taken upon themselves to help the people at large to show and guide them on the spiritual path. Not so long ago, sanyasis were looked upon with great respect in India, and were offered food, shelter, clothing and money to meet their daily needs. Although this is still true to some extent but educated people, influenced only by modern science have began to look down upon them due to lack of education and know¬ledge in the religious and spiritual sciences. It is, therefore, the duty of every disciple, without exception, to contribute towards the daily living expenses of the guru and the Ashram. The religious scriptures (Shastras) clearly indicate that one should spend at least 10% of his in¬come towards religious and charitable activities, however, in the present era, rarely is one willing to do so. It is left to the discretion of the individual person to make his own decisions n this matter.In the end, along with sadhana one should try to do good deeds by which he can serve the society and the nation. Being a good citizen he can progress spiritually and simultaneously help to enhance one’s spiritual master’s tradition (guru parampara). He, thus, can set an ideal example for all. We pray to the divine power of Guru, which is all knowledgeable and omnipresent to guide us to the path of light and save us from the dark alleys of this world so that we can reach our final destination of Self-realization.

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